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Connect. Empower. Protect

In keeping with the Mahindra Group’s ‘Rise’ Philosophy based on the 3 tenets of Accepting No Limits, Alternative Thinking, and Driving Positive Change, MIBL is committed to increasing awareness of insurance across India, and reaching the benefits of insurance to the under-penetrated and under-served sections of society.

In line with the above, MIBL has introduced the Point of Sales Person (PoSP) ‘SAJHEDAARI’ initiative to empower individuals by bringing them into the fold of India’s insurance distribution network. The benefits of this initiative are two-fold. This initiative will provide a digitally powered platform to customers, thus facilitating a smooth, convenient and effective customer experience. Sajhedaari will also help to create a stable source of income for the PoSPs. We aspire to take Sajhedaari to individuals across rural and semi-urban geographies, and motivate them to become profitable entrepreneurs in the Indian insurance industry, contributing significantly to India’s insurance penetration.

Sajhedaari will build ‘Progressive Partnership’ by Connecting, Empowering & Protecting people.

Connect. Empower. Protect


Connecting with Individuals across geographies.


Empowering them to be a part of India’s insurance distribution by empanelling them as Point of Sales Person (PoSP), and providing them with a robust digital platform to service customers.


The Empowered Individuals would be instrumental in providing protection of Health, Non-Life and Life of the customer.